Monday, December 6, 2010

Top Ten in 2010: #7

Lazy days on our first family vacation: Sorrento, Maine

Lounging in a chair on the deck in the Maine summer sun.  We had a blast hanging out as a family!  Our vacationing habits have changed a bit over the past couple of years.  When we first got married, I wanted lots of vacation time to either do nothing, or work on home projects...Mrs. O wanted lots of vacation time to do fun touristy things, go to the city, museums, etc.  Now, we seem to expect similar things.

There are times when this new phase of marriage can seem less than exciting.  We now have young boys who rule our schedule, more or less.  We have to find childcare if we want to go out on a date.  Due to our early morning waking hours, we don't like to stay out late.  We are starting to really know each other such that there aren't that many surprises anymore.  The adrenaline level is just generally lower.  It is in this 'comfortable' stage that we have to create our excitement.  We have to be intentional.

I'm thankful for the 'boring' days at home, because home is my escape from the world.  I'm thankful for the lack of surprises, because it means I am known.  I'm thankful for the lower level of adrenaline, because I have greater security.  I'm thankful for early waking, because it means I have two amazing little boys.  I'm thankful for lazy days of reading in the sun, because I have my best friend beside me.

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