About The Brothers 'O'

We are two brothers--very different, yet very much the same.  We are both men of faith who want to be the husbands that our lovely ladies deserve.  Here's a little something about each of us:

Older Mr. O.

I'm a thirty-something husband and father of two.  I became interested in the nuts and bolts of marriage after my parents divorced.  After meeting and marrying Mrs. O., I became passionate about it.  I don't want to be one of the 100,000 husbands who will divorce this year or next...or ever.  I'm only giving myself one shot.  I've got to do it well, but I don't get it all right. 

I'm also a scientist--a physicist to be specific.  I like to analyze everything...maybe over analyze would be more accurate.  After it's been over-analyzed, I like to turn everything into a system.  I married a communicator.  A good one.  Mrs. O. has an MS in Communication.  Physical science meets social science, and therein lies the challenge.  I like a challenge...

So, what I've noticed is that husbands face the same challenges.  They don't always look the same, but they are fundamentally similar.  How do I buy the right anniversary gift?  I talk...why does she seem to think I don't talk?  So, how do I talk so that she thinks I'm talking?  How do I keep from saying the wrong thing?  When do I get my time to decompress after a long day?

I'm convinced that there is always a 'best' way to solve our issues in a mutually satisfying way.  I'm on a quest to find all of the 'best ways.'  This blog came about as I was explaining to my bride some of my theory on being a husband.  She said, "You have some good thoughts.  You should write a blog."  And the rest, as they say, is history...

Younger Mr. O.

My younger brother started leading a men's group at his church in New Hampshire.  As he was telling me about the things he was doing, I thought it would be fun to have him share some insights on this blog as well.

He's a twenty-something husband.  Insightful and down to earth, he knows how to cut to the chase.  He also knows how to be a husband.  He was born a thoughtful man and has always impressed me with his generosity.  You had to be careful with him growing up.  You couldn't joke about taking his last cookie or his last dollar.  He would just give it to you!

He's also always been the fun brother!  Growing up, he would be the one yelling, "Go faster!" or, "Higher!"  I was always sitting wide-eyed hoping it would all work out alright!  I still remember having a family campout and watching my brother wield a burning marshmallow on the end of his roasting stick.  I would never have imagined, twenty years later, he would make a living putting fires out!  He still has a great sense of adventure.

His Mrs O is a nurse, and she takes good care of him.  We love to visit with them as often as we can.  I look up to my little brother, because he is a good man.  He is also two inches taller, now!