Friday, September 27, 2013

Bible Doing: Take Two

Well, we've learned a couple of things over the past few months.  We got a group together--six to ten people usually, including our family.  We visited a nursing home and handed out some treats, we got to know each other, and talked quite a bit about great ideas for potential service opportunities.

We didn't get our hands very dirty, though.  Organizing events is harder than it sounds.  We are still going on Sundays to visit our friend at the nursing home, and our family loves it more and more each week.

Last Sunday, I and my boys filled Mrs. K's bird feeder.  I love birds, so I figured I'd use this interest of mine to serve her.  I really enjoy it, as silly as it may sound!  On the way back around the building, Little S noticed another feeder was empty.  We filled that one, too.  Then two windows down, another empty feeder.  We filled that one, too.  Then, i heard a tap, tap, tapping.  Through the glare on the window, I could just barely see a lady watching us.  She pointed to her bird feeder.  It looked full, so I was puzzled.  I took it down from the tall iron hook and found the birdseed inside was moldy and all stuck together in an octagonal brick.  As I pulled out the birdseed brick and broke it up, the lady inside clasped her hands with delight and smiled!  We filled that one, too.

As we walked away, I heard another tapping.  It was the same lady.  She beckoned us back to her window so she could holler a thank you through the glass.

Total cost to us: $10 and 30 minutes

Total payoff: many smiles

This is addicting.  On the way home, we discussed a membership we could cancel to free up a few dollars so we could buy more birdseed and fill ALL the feeders.  If there is enough money left over, we might buy some plants to put in the empty planters on the patio. . . I love flowers, too.

It's not as hard as it originally seemed.

It's nothing really. . . Well, no.  It's not nothing.  It's a pleasure!

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